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Mission Statement

The Computer Architecture and SysTems Research Lab (CASTL) at Florida State University, headed by Dr. Weikuan Yu, has broad research interests in novel architectural and system technologies for big data analytics, cloud computing, high-performance computer and network systems, and the use of these technologies for fast scientific discoveries on computational biology and climate changes.


  1. August 2017: A warm welcome to Fahim, Aditya, Subhadeep, Amith and Shaeke for joining the CASTL group.
  2. August 2017: Congratulations to Zhuo Liu and Bin Wang for their paper entitled as “HALO: A Fast and Durable Disk Write Cache Using Phase Change Memory” being accepted to the Journal of Cluster Computing.
  3. August 2017: Congratulations to Dr. Weikuan Yu for a new grant from the National Science Foundation on MapReduce data management research.



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