Ph.D. Dissertations

  1. Teng Wang. May 2017. Exploring Novel Burst Buffer Management Solutions on Extreme-Scale HPC Systems. Main achievements: SC16, IPDPS16, BigData14, cluster15.
  2. Bin Wang. August 2015. Mitigating GPU Memory Divergence for Data-Intensive Applications.. Main achievements: Pact16, pact13, ics15, date15.
  3. Zhuo Liu. May 2015. Efficient Storage Design and Query Scheduling for Improving Big Data Retrieval and Analytics. Main achievements: icccn12, cluster12, mascots13, jcc17.
  4. Yandong Wang. May 2014. Efficient Movement and Task Management in MapReduce for Fast Analytics of Big Data. Main achievements: SC11, TPDS13, ICAC13, IPDPS13, IPDPS15, SC13, Sigmetrics14.
  5. Yuan Tian. August 2012. Taming the Scienti c Big Data with Flexible Organizations for Exascale Computing. Main achievements: msst13, SRC12 top prize, mascots12, Cluster12.

M.S. Theses