Computer Architecture and SysTems Research Lab (CASTL)

Address: 114 Milton Carothers Hall (MCH), Tallahassee, FL 32306; Contact: Dr. Weikuan (Will) Yu (yuw@cs.fsu.edu), 850-644-5442

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Photo Gallery at Florida State University (August 2015 -- present)

PASL group dinner at Azu, Tallahassee, FL. November, 2016

  • Left: Huansong, Yue, Ahana and Wenqing; Right: William, Joshua, Weikuan, Muhib and Lizhen. Teng could not join from Auburn.

Azu, Tallahassee, November 2016

PASL group picnic at Wakulla Springs, May 2016

  • Left to right: Lizhen, Mei (Teng's Wife), Teng, Kunal, Meysam, Yue, and Huansong

Wakulla Springs, Florida, 2016

Photo Gallery at Auburn University (Jan 2009 -- August 2015)

PASL group lunch in the Ariccia restaurant at Auburn, April 2009

Ariccia, 2009

PASL group with our cluster in the server room, September 2010

Server Room, 2010

PASL group lunch in the Ariccia restaurant at Auburn, September 2010

Ariccia, 2010

PASL group in the lab at 2105 Shelby Center, September 2011

Shelby Lab, 2011

PASL group in front of college of engineering, September 2011

College of Engineering, 2011

International Awards Received by PASL Students in 2011

  • Dr. Chang and Dr. Yu

Department of CSSE, 2011

*Eagle Cluster Up and Running in 2011

  • Dr. Yu and Dr. Hanqin Tian from Wild Life Sciences

Eagle Cluster, 2011

Receiving SRC'12 First Prize Award at the 2012 ACM Awards Ceremony

  • Yuan and Dr. Yu are in the picture

San Francisco, CA 2012

PASL group at Chewacla Park, November 2013

Chewacla Park, 2013

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