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Address: 114 Milton Carothers Hall (MCH), Tallahassee, FL 32306; Contact: Dr. Weikuan (Will) Yu (yuw@cs.fsu.edu), 850-644-5442

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Archived News


  1. Sept. 2010: Yuan Tian is selected by the SC'10 Broad Engagement Program to attend SC'10 in New Orleans.
  2. Sept. 2010: Xinyu Que is selected as a Student Volunteer to attend SC'10 in New Orleans.
  3. Sept. 2010: Dr. Weikuan Yu is awarded a grant from ORNL to optimize file format for large-scale scientific applications.
  4. Aug. 2010: Dr. Weikuan Yu is awarded an industry grant to optimize data management for large-scale web analytic applications.
  5. Apr. 2010: Many congratulations to Patrick Carpenter on being selected as the outstanding graduate of Department of CSSE, honors scholar of Auburn honors college, and as a Summer Intern to Los Alamos National Laboratory.
  6. Apr. 2010: Congratulations to Weikuan Yu on Receiving Breeden Teaching Award from Biggio Center of Auburn University
  7. Apr. 2010: Congratulations to Yuan Tian on Obtaining 2010 Summer Internship from ORNL for research on efficient and adaptive parallel I/O
  8. Apr. 2010: Congratulations to Xinyu Que on Obtaining 2010 Summer Internship from ORNL for research on large-scale programming models
  9. Feb. 2010: Our paper on Cooperative Server clustering for ARMCI is accepted to ISC 2010 in Hamburg, Germany
  10. Feb. 2010: Our paper on enabling a scalable Global Address Space (GAS) model for Cray XT5 is accepted to Computing Frontiers
  11. Feb. 2010: Our paper on the characterization of Parallel NFS implementations is invited for presentation in the SMTPS'10 workshop
  12. Jan. 2010: PASL group receives gracious donation of InfiniBand network equipment from HPC Advisory Council


  1. Oct. 2009: Yuan Tian selected for Chen-Wu Fellowship Award by Auburn University Graduate School.
  2. Oct. 2009: ORNL Award to Weikuan Yu on Storage Efficient Access for Scientific Data Management
  3. Oct. 2009: ORNL Award to Weikuan Yu on Minimizing System Noise Effects for Extreme-Scale Scientific Simulation
  4. Sept. 2009: Patrick Carpenter selected to attend the premier HPC conference SC09 through its Student Volunteer Program
  5. Sept. 2009: NSF Award to Xiao Qin, Wei-shinn Ku and Weikuan Yu. CNS-0917137: FastStor: Data-Mining-Based Multilayer Prefetching for Hybrid Storage Systems
  6. Sept. 2009: A conference participation grant awarded to Yuan Tian through the SC09 Broader Engagement (BE) Program
  7. Jul. 2009: NSF TeraGrid Award to Mitch Pindzola and Weikuan Yu. 4 million hours on Kraken Computer at UTK/NICS, 2009
  8. Jun. 2009: Yuan Tian's research poster selected for TeraGrid 2009, along with a travel award

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