Computer Architecture and SysTems Research Lab (CASTL)

Address: 114 Milton Carothers Hall (MCH), Tallahassee, FL 32306; Contact: Dr. Weikuan (Will) Yu (yuw@cs.fsu.edu), 850-644-5442

TigerSphere: An On-Campus Network Infrastructure

This project is supported by an NSF award ACI-1340947 titled as CC-NIE Network Infrastructure: Enhancing Connectivity for Multidisciplinary Scientific Research and Education at Auburn University.

Contact: Dr. Weikuan Yu

Project Mission

There is a growing demand at Auburn University for an on-campus cyberinfrastructure that can enable high-speed communication for data-intensive scientific simulation and analytics applications. The lack of a high-speed network cyberinfrastructure on-campus has significantly constrained the growth of multidisciplinary data-driven scientific research. Such a cyberinfrastructure is important for interdisciplinary data analytics at Auburn.

This project constructs a cutting-edge campus-wide network infrastructure called TigerSphere. It deploys a fabric of 10 Gbps switches to connect colleges, schools, research centers at Auburn via dual 10 Gbps links, increasing the connection bandwidth from all colleges/schools to the Auburn backbone by 20 times (from 1 Gbps to 20 Gbps), and the bandwidth of edge networks at colleges/schools by 100 times (from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps). In addition, TigerSphere includes a new fiber circuit of 10 Gbps to national scientific networks such as Internet2, enabling high-bandwidth, large-volume data movement from and to national data/computing centers. Furthermore, TigerSphere substantially improves Auburn University cyberinfrastructure for multidisciplinary research and training activities, particularly for data-intensive scientific computation and analytics.

Infrastructure and Development Accomplishments

This network infrastructure has broader impact in several aspects, such as improving Auburn network infrastructure with a high-speed ubiquitous TigerSphere, promoting multidisciplinary collaborations within Auburn University and with nearby organizations, enhancing research training activities and broadening the participation of under-represented students in professional computing careers.

Education and Outreach Activities


  • FACULTY and Staff
  1. Dr. Weikuan Yu, PI, Auburn University.
  2. Mr. Bliss Bailey, Director of Auburn Office of Information Technology, Co-PI
  3. Dr. Daniela Marghitu, Auburn University
  4. Dr. Hui Chen, Postdoctoral Researcher, Auburn University
  5. Mr. John Helms, Network Management, Office of Information Technology
  6. Mr. Richard Dale, Office of Information Technology
  7. Mr. James Fukai, School of Forestry and Wildlife Services
  8. Mr. Will Lacy, College of Veterinarian Medicine
  1. Hai Pham
  2. Bin Wang



This work is funded in part by National Science Foundation awards ACI-1340947, and by a grant from Auburn University Office of Vice President for Research.

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