Computer Architecture and SysTems Research Lab (CASTL)

Address: 114 Milton Carothers Hall (MCH), Tallahassee, FL 32306; Contact: Dr. Weikuan (Will) Yu (yuw@cs.fsu.edu), 850-644-5442

Openings for Undergraduate Research Assistants

$15 per hour, 10 hours per week.

Nowadays, computing technology is fully entrenched not only in our daily life but also in nearly every scientific domain. Have you ever wondered that you may have the talent to applying basic computing skills into compelling scientific questions? If you are one of such students, there are good opportunities for you to bootstrap yourself into scientific computing research, thereby gaining an extensive training on computer and computational technologies.

Dr. Weikuan Yu at the Department of Computer Science has a track record in cultivating the growth of undergraduate students, e.g. his mentorship in Patrick Carpenter's winning of the prestigious URF award in 2009. With Patrick's undergraduate research experience, he has also been awarded a student volunteer opportunity to attend the premier HPC conference SC09. During the SC09 conference, Patrick will listen to the Keynote Speech from Former Vice President, Al Gore, in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Yu is looking for two more motivated Undergraduate Research Assistants who can help him exploit the use of computing power for research in biochemistry, genetics, proteomics, and/or climate and ocean modeling. Students interested in these RA positions should have a working knowledge on at least one programming or scripting languages, such as Java, C, C++, perl, or python.

Qualified undergraduate students majoring in biochemistry, genetics, physics, plant biology, or engineering are encouraged to apply. Please send your resume directly to Dr. Yu and check for possible appointment time.

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